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Sewage Water Treatment (STP)

BIO-TREAT is a unique, eco-friendly product in powder form. BIO-TREAT contains a mixture of oxidizing agent that helps to remove foul smelling sulphur components in sewage. In addition to this, it is also reduce the level of pathogens in STP Tank. The ingredients are used are environmental friendly and dissolve in sewage without any residue.

Salient features of BIO-TREAT are: Stops bad smell from sewage, food waste, kitchen waste, biodegradable solid waste, etc., within few minutes of application.

Turns sewage reusable for gardening, agriculture, organic farming, ground water recharge, golf course irrigation or for letting into canals, rivers, lakes or sea after about 4 to 8 hours’ retention time and chlorination.

Existing STPs (any type – aerobic/anaerobic) whether working, defective or defunct can be changed over to BIO-TREAT immediately, without alterations or modifications.

If you have 500 Flats in a housing Complex out of which only 150 are occupied, even then, you have to run the STP Blowers 24x7 and the power bill will be huge. Whereas, dosage of BIO-TREAT can be adjusted as per the occupancy needs.

BIO-TREAT stops bad smell from kitchen /food waste, kitchen water with oil content and speeds up composting process. BIO-TREAT is non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-allergic and non-corrosive. It is safe for children, birds, animals and aquaticlife.

BIO-TREAT is easy to apply. All you have to do is to mix the powder in a bucketful of water and pour into septic tanks or collection tank of STP. Either direct or through any of the toilets connected to them.

1. Remove & control foul smell instantly.
2. Removes rather than masks odors.
3. Oxidize Organic & Inorganic compounds.
4. Increase the Bio Degradability of the Effluent & enhance the Slurry.
5. Reduction in Bio Oxygen Demand (BOD) & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).
6. Detoxify Harmful gases and substances such as Ammonia, Nitrates and H2S.
7. Break the harden sludge in the collection tank.
8. Reduce sludge formation.
9. Develop MLSS (Mixed Liquid Suspended Solids)
10. Helps in development of Aerobic & AnaerobicMicrobes.
11. Achieves significant purification of treated effluent.
12. Reduce the Blower running time & save electricity
13. Increase the life time of the filtration components.
14. Safe for humans and the environment

sewage water treatment

sewage water treatment

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